THE MERLOT - 3 Bedroom Villa 160 Sq.Metres


Options: Two Bedroom Deluxe, Maid’s Quarters*,
Kitchen upgrades, Store Room, Pool, Jacuzzi and Sala
*(option on selected plots)

THE CHARDONNAY - 2 Storey Villa 170 Sq.Metres


Options: Fourth Bedroom, Roof Terrace,
Kitchen upgrades, Jacuzzi and Sala

THE CHAMPAGNE 3 Bedroom Villa 220 Sq.Metres


Options: Fourth Bedroom, Maid’s Quarters, Roof Terrace, Mezzanine Floor with Spiral Staircase, Kitchen upgrades, Store Room

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Each Villa has a 2.1m perimeter wall and with beautiful landscaping ensures privacy and a lush backdrop to immaculate gardens. A range of options are available for each design allowing us to tailor to your unique requirements and style.

With regards to interior finishing there is a selection of three colour pallets each blending subtly with an array of texture and colour, achieving an uncompromising finish.